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The eight franchises of the Indian Premier League (IPL) have determined to write a letter to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) expressing reservations over the governing physique’s unilateral choices that may instantly impression their earnings.

The BCCI lowered the ‘playoff standing fund’ of Rs50 crore to be distributed to the highest 4 groups of the IPL 2020 by half. Also, the franchises would have to moreover pay Rs20 lakh per-match as venue staging fees to the state associations.

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Speaking to the Hindustan Times, IPL chairman Brijesh Patel mentioned these monetary calls would solely quantity to ‘loss on profit’ for the franchises. But it has not gone down properly with the franchises.

“The least they can do is to involve us in discussions before taking such decisions and sending across emails,” a number one franchise official mentioned.

“It’s all right to say that ‘it’s just R20 lakh per match’. But for seven matches of the season, it amounts to R1.4 crore. It’s the BCCI, which is earning more than R2000 crores from the IPL, but the franchises are not even earning a fraction of that,” he added.

The downside, says one other high boss of a franchise, is that the brand new BCCI regime is sending a flawed message that they’re least involved concerning the stakeholders. “Isn’t the BCCI getting too high-handed? Are they not, choosing a path of conflict, in the name of saving money? That’s the problem. We lost for the first ten years of IPL. They are forcing the franchises to come together and take a stand,” he mentioned.

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But the franchises are cautious of inviting the wrath of the BCCI, and therefore not one of the high officers agreed to come on file. In 2019, a couple of franchises had come collectively for a casual assembly in England to discover methods of forming a union that will power the board to open a dialog window with them. The assembly didn’t bear any fruit.

This time, nevertheless, even these franchises which didn’t attend the England meet are keen to write to the BCCI. “No one wants to play a rebel at this stage. All said and done, these are elected BCCI office-bearers, and they would be running the show,” a 3rd franchise official mentioned.

“They may choose to justify the new costs that we would have to bear in the name of cost-cutting by calling it sundries but don’t forget, we have made all our budget allocations for this season. The additional cost would not hurt as much now, but tomorrow they might take another high-handed decision, if no one speaks now,” he added.

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Almost all franchises agreed on one level, that the additional venue staging value to be paid to the state associations is just not justified. “Money is being given to the associations despite the fact that they don’t take any steps to improve the facilities at the stadiums. This move is basically to keep state units happy, in exchange of votes. All we get from associations is demand for more free tickets,” mentioned one franchise head.

When introduced with the BCCI’s argument that the fee-reducing isn’t affecting the gamers, a franchise official countered. “We are also for protecting player-interest. Isn’t it the franchises who pay the players in IPL? The salary cap for players has gone up from what was R20 crore to R85 crore. That cost is to be borne by the franchises,” mentioned one other official.

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