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Indian cricket staff skipper Virat Kohli stated in a latest interplay that he ‘absolutely loves’ to play within the IPL because it permits the gamers from completely different international locations to work together amongst one another and the camaraderie amongst cricketers from different international locations is one thing that’s lacking in ICC tournaments.

“You do play all your tournaments, which is one team versus another, ICC tournaments come every now and then, but even in ICC tournaments, you don’t really interact with the other team players or you see the other teams so often every now and then,” Kohli stated on Star Sports Cricket Connected.

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“But in the IPL, you are just probably meeting another team every second or third day and that’s the beauty of the IPL, you are playing in a different ‘mahol’ (atmosphere).I absolutely love that tournament and also for the camaraderie which you share with so many new players that you play with, so many players that you have known for a long time now, not from your own country, those who you don’t see often, and there is one reason why everyone loves the IPL too, there is a connect, of players and fans and of viewers,” he added.

Kohli was additionally requested to decide on his favorite match aside from the victory within the 2011 World Cup last and the India skipper picked the quarterfinal win over Australia within the 2016 version of the event.

“It’s a very difficult question because so many matches happen but I think from the point of atmosphere and importance of match, the quarterfinal match against Australia in 2016 T20 World Cup in Mohali, that was my most favourite match. Because that day, we won from a difficult situation and I realized many things about myself.”

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