‘You don’t upset bear, you don’t upset Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni’: Former Australia cricketer Dean Jones – cricket

Former Australia cricketer Dean Jones believes that the opposition groups shouldn’t say something to India captain Virat Kohli as a result of he will get fuelled by confrontation. In a latest interview, Jones was questioned on the remarks made by former Aussie captain Michael Clarke in April that Australia was ‘sucking up’ to Kohli and co. throughout the 2018-19 sequence. In reply to the query, Jones stated that Australia crew didn’t say something to Kohli as a result of it was not of their greatest pursuits.

“I’ll tell you the reason why they went quiet on Virat. Because we went quiet when Viv Richards came out to bat. We went quiet on Javed Miandad, on Martin Crowe,” Jones was quoted as saying in an interview on Sportscreen Youtube channel.

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“And there is a reason behind that. Because we know when someone is feeling down, the pitch is not great, there is nothing going on, and all of a sudden if anyone has a snap at you, then you lift your ears and say ‘oh, you have something to say’,” Jones added. 

Jones additional added: “We saw in the Michael Jordan ‘s documentary ‘The Last Dance’, he would pick up a fight just to get himself up. And we know that you don’t upset the bear, you don’t upset Virat Kohli or MS Dhoni, you don’t upset certain players, because this is what they love. They love confrontation. Don’t give him any oxygen.”

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Clarke, in his interview, had indicated that the Australia crew performed much less aggressively as a result of they had been afraid about their IPL contracts. But Jones referred to as the remarks as “rubbish”.

“But I find this reason about not upsetting Virat because of IPL contracts a bit rubbish. Is Virat going to stop anyone from playing? That is down to the coaches and managers who they pick,” he stated.

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